Colorful Artificial Christmas Trees

Are you bored with your plain green Christmas tree? Why not check out these amazing colorful trees that brighten up your home and add style, pizzazz and interest to tradition.

Coming in a great array of different colors, these variations on the standard tree could be just what you need to make a real statement. You could be zinging up the visual impact of what could be standing in your living room this festive season and give your guests a real head turning surprise!

While there doesn't appear to be quite as many variations as in previous years, there are still some very nice styles and colors to choose from if you want something very different this year.

Colorful Christmas Tree Ideas

Take a look below where I have added a small selection of interestingly colorful ideas that might just get your imagination juices flowing and give you some ideas of what is possible from what is available:

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Treetopia Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree

While the traditional green colored branches tend to be the most popular preference, that doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Here is your chance to be different!

If you could choose just one word to describe this model, what would it be?

Mine would be "Stunning!"

You'd probably agree that this seven foot tall multi-color rainbow tree is really something at another level of astounding. It comes unlit, so you would need to get a set of really pretty, white LED lights to really make it scream out loud, "Look at me!"

As seen on "Good Morning America," this really special Color Burst tree is a firm favorite with kids and adults alike when it bursts with dazzling color to usher in the holiday spirit.


If you love to make a really brash, colourful display for the festive season, you're going to love this beautiful rainbow tree in your home!

Vickerman Artificial Christmas Tree With 70 Dura-Lit Italian LED Mini Lights, 3' Teal/Sky Blue

These days it's getting tougher to find brightly colored trees other than shades of green that stand a decent height. Here is a smaller version that still makes a loud statement of individuality!

This brightly colored sky blue tree from Vickerman stands just three feet high, making it a perfect novelty decoration for a tabletop or to brighten up a corner of a desk.

To add to its compact, yet stunning appearance is a light show that brings it to life. Ready fitted with 70 dura-lit LED lights, it's simplicity itself to put up and have ready to dazzle your friends and family in a jiffy!


While it's only 36 inches high, its 29 inch circumference makes it look bigger. It adds a lovely explosion of turquoise blue to the space!

An added bonus is the small size makes it easy to store after the season is over.

This is a great small tree to make a big impact on guests this festive season.

Vickerman Fir Tree with 100 Dura-lit LED Lights, 3', Pink

When you need a feminine look to your seasonal decoration, how about going for pretty pink to really stand out from the crowd?

Here is a hot pink colored tree that really shouts out to be seen and loved! While it's only three feet high, it makes up for its lack of height with its stunning color enhanced by a dazzling pink LED light show!

It's perfect for a girl's bedroom or study (or a guy if you're into pink!) when placed on a desk or table for added impact. Of course you could even place it on the floor and surround it with brightly wrapped gifts for a truly seasonal experience!


When you visit the page at Amazon, there are some customer answers to questions about the lights that state there are no lights. Please note they are referring to the unlit. cheaper version of this tree.

This model is pre-lit as stated with 100 pink LED lights that stay lit even if one or more lights go out.

BrylaneHome 4' Rose Gold Christmas Tree

For something extra special, rather than opt for a garish color like those above, why not choose a more subtle yet equally stunning rose gold color that adds a touch of class to any festively decorated room!

Really stand out from the crowd with this glamorous rose pink tree that stands four feet tall and looks just about as classy as it gets! The tree comes without lights, giving you the chance to create your own final display with illumination of your choice.


This is a medium size tree that is perfect for putting on the floor or on a high end table or desk for extra visual impact.

Brighten Up Your Festive Holiday!

You can't beat coming down to a stunningly colorful living room in the morning during the festive season with a richly hued centerpiece that really gets your attention! Some would even go so far as to say that a regular green tree is downright boring!

Well life doesn't have to be boring or even mediocre when you can choose something that is really colorful and raises the stunning décor factor of your home several notches. You can change the hue from drab, traditional green to vivid blue, stark red, powerful purple, pretty pink or odd orange if that's what you like!

A Multitude of Colors

If you aren't going to be happy with just one color in your life, you don't have to be. Get a multi-colored tree like the one pictured above and enjoy the razzle dazzle of a spiral rainbow of shades that will light up your home in a wonderful way and really put the pizzazz into your holiday!

Christmas was meant to be vibrant and interesting and the tree that forms the focus of your family's living space for these special days should be as stunning as you can make it.