Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

When you want a realistic looking Christmas tree that is artificial, you need to read this to find out which ones are best and why they look so great. After all, when you want something that is going to really stand out as being a truly beautiful center point in your living room this year, it has to be just perfect.

In this day and age there is no great surprise when you see the finished article all nicely decorated and shining with beautiful lights and the obligatory fairy on the top and what looks totally real turns out to be made of man-made materials.

Unreal Realism?

The terms realistic and artificial are not what you'd expect to find together in the same phrase. But in terms of the all-important festive greenery that is intended as the focal point of all your decorations, you really can buy a very real looking artificial model that will be difficult or almost impossible to tell from the real thing even at close range.

Of course part of the illusion of realism that you want to aim for comes from your skill at arranging the decorations around the tree in such a way as to set it off in its best light. When done very well, it is only the lack of the pine odor that may give the game away!

The Best Realistic Man Made Trees

Below is a selection of some of the very best and most real appearing trees you are going to find online at prices that are sensible and represent good value. You can find them at the Amazon online store of course.

But to save you some time searching through the many hundreds they have on sale, just click the links or the images to directly visit the page where they're available to buy. You'll also find all the additional info and customer reviews and ratings for the item:

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togake realistic artificial christmas tree

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6' Togake Artificial Christmas Tree Artificial Realistic Natural Branches-Unlit

This thick, full-bodied, shaped artificial tree has 1,324 branch tips,creating a tree with remarkable realism. Comes in 5ft, 6ft or 7ft versions.

best choice products 7.5ft realistic artificial christmas tree

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Best Choice Products 7.5ft Premium Spruce Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree

Classic unlit 7.5ft spruce tree equipped with sturdy branches (1,346 tips) to hold garland and other ornaments for a customized look.

National Tree Company Downswept Douglas Fir Medium Pre-lit Christmas Tree

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National Tree Company Carolina Pine 7.5 Foot Artificial Holiday Prelit Christmas Tree

Featuring 100s of branch tips to create full bodied branches, this tree with 750 pre-attached white lights is designed to look and feel lifelike.

7.5ft national tree company north valley spruce

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National Tree Company Artificial Full Christmas Tree, Green, North Valley Spruce

This North Valley Spruce unlit artificial tree 7.5ft tall with a 52in base diameter is designed to look and even feel lifelike!

Just click the image that interests you and you could soon be the proud owner of a beautifully presented festive ornament that you will enjoy year after year!

Why Not Just Buy a Real Tree?

There are some reasons why you might prefer a real tree, but many families these days tend to opt for an artificial one for many more very good reasons. Let's explore those reasons a little further, but first a quick look at why genuine is not necessarily best for everyone.

While you can certainly get a good live specimen from a certified vendor, there are plenty of problems that come with choosing to so real. First of all is the fact that you have to go and get it yourself and let's face it few families have the luxury of owning a big truck to haul it home.

If you've ever tried to cram an eight foot tall, heavy and cumbersome tree into the family station wagon, drive home with pine needles poking you in the back of the neck and then haul it out of the car and into the house, you'll appreciate one of the worst things about them!

Next are the needles that it will drop all over your nice carpets and rugs. You have to keep on top of that and vacuum around the tree's base every day (sometimes several times each day) to keep things clean.

Last is disposing of the tree when the festive holiday is over. It has to be hauled out of the house with tons of needles dropping all over the place, put into the car (where it will deposit even more needles for you to clean out later) and take it to the municipal dump where you may get charged for your trouble.

Oh yes, it only lasts for one season and next year you have to go through it all again!

Reasons to Go Artificial

Are you still pining for a real pine this year after reading those horror scenes above? Well, most people simply do away with the hassle and opt for the simpler and longer lasting choice.

Convenience is probably head of the list of reasons to get a man-made Christmas tree that looks real rather than the genuine article. You can order your tree online and have it delivered to your home so there's no messing around with driving to and from a store and spending money on gas or spending the time it would take to go get it.

Longevity is another deal breaker since a synthetic tree will last for many years and still look as good as new when you get it out of the box and put it up year after year.

Cost is another factor to be included in the decision making process. When you work out the cost of buying a synthetic Christmas tree and then spread that purchase price over a few years, it will match the cost of buying a real one each year and in most cases work out cheaper in the long run.

You also have to factor in the cost of transporting a real one to your home and then disposing of it plus the time spent doing it and the time spent with all that cleaning up. Time is money for many people and that time is better spent doing the things you want to do rather than being a slave to the vacuum cleaner!

Size and weight. One last thing that you might not have considered is the weight of the tree. Real ones can be very heavy and awkward to move, especially the bigger sizes, whereas the artificial alternative is lighter. And because they usually come in two or three separate parts, storage and moving around is much easier!

So there are some pretty compelling reasons to choose a synthetic Christmas tree this year and then enjoy its simple beauty for many years to come.