Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

You can save money on buying a new synthetic Christmas tree this year by choosing an unlit model from the online stores and using your existing lights.

When you go out and buy an artificial tree this year for the festive holiday, you may have noticed how much more realistic they have become from only a few years ago even when they don't have lights pre-installed. These trees are getting so good that they look real even fairly close up when they are decorated so it's almost a wonder why anyone bothers getting a real tree any more.

Do You Need it to be Real?

Well, of course there is always the smell that is associated with a real tree and that is something you don't get even with the most realistic looking artificial ones. But perhaps the manufacturers are working on that very point. Who knows for sure?

But aside from the smell and maybe the feel when you are right up close, there is really little to tell them apart with some of the better quality models that are on sale in stores this year. Choosing an unlit one gives you a lot of scope to be artistic and creative when it comes to decorating it.

Here are two examples of what's available this year:

Classic Pine Christmas Tree Artificial Realistic Natural Branches

7.5' GREEN NEW Classic Pine Christmas Tree
7.5ft x 57in Williamsburg Pine Realistic Tree

7.5ft x 57in Williamsburg Pine Realistic Tree

You can click your mouse on either image to visit the respective Amazon page where you can get more details about it.

How Realistic is Your Unlit Christmas Tree?

Most families have sets of lights put away in their box in the attic which are perfectly usable and will look amazing once you have put them all up on the tree in your own special way. It adds to the uniqueness and creativeness of your centerpoint decoration that can sometimes be totally worth you going that way.

So if you want a tree that looks real but don't want all the hassle associated with getting one, you can get the next best thing minus the hassle and plus a lot of enjoyment for years to come.