Best Christmas Trees for Small Apartments

People can read this to find out what is the best Christmas tree for a small apartment or room that is good value, good looking and is great in any setting.

After all, we don't all live in big houses and most of the larger kinds of tree are only suitable for larger size rooms or living space that you get in larger houses or really big apartments.

slim christmas tree for an apartmentSo what should you be looking for in tree that will suit your own small condo or apartment?

What would make a suitable small apartment Christmas tree the perfect one for your living space for this holiday season?

These and other similarly related questions are answered here in this article.

So let's get started by covering the most important factor governing what would make a suitable choice for your home. Generally, you'll need a tree with a slim profile that doesn't take up much floor space. That's probably an obvious statement, but it's one that has to be gotten out of the way before we can continue.

The Space Problem

When you live in the kind of apartment that seems like it was made to be more of a walk-in closet for the place next door than a home in its own right, you'll know all about cramped living conditions.

Every square inch of space is precious because you simply don't have enough of those little squares to spread yourself out properly.

You probably already have every piece of furniture positioned to maximize what little floorspace there is. So the very idea of adding anything that might steal more precious square inches of your already super-compressed area of visible floor fills you with dread!

However, the "festive season" is one that demands that you do your best to make your home feel, well... festive! And that means at the very least a nice tree that you can decorate and light up to provide the suitable ambiance.

Problem is most trees that you would feel deserve a place in your home are way too big and would take up every last free inch of your available floor space and some.

The Slim Tree Solution

Thankfully, there is a solution! There are specially designed slim artificial trees that stand tall enough to give you the kind of display you want, while being masterfully miserly in their square inchage (as opposed to footage) requirements!

For that reason, the rest of this article is devoted to bringing you some examples of what is possible and what you can use to beautify your apartment this Christmas with a suitable tree that is deserving of its place in your small but homely abode.

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Apartment Size Christmas Trees that Don't Take Up Much Space

You should really be aiming at the kind of tree that has a small maximum diameter when the branches are fully extended so it will not hog all the available space in your room. There are several really narrow trees on sale right now that can be placed in the smallest of spaces and still look absolutely amazing.

When choosing the kind of tree that will best fit into your free space, remember to make sure you buy one that will look amazing with lights and decorations. You don't want a super skinny tree with hardly any substance to it that ends up looking like little more than a broomstick with a few lights and strips of tinsel strewn around it!

Figuring Out How Much Freespace You Have Available for the Tree

Be prepared!

First off, you need to do some measuring with a rule or tape and then sit down with a cup of coffee to do some planning. It's best to do that with a pencil and rule on graph paper, the good old fashioned way.

This, believe it or not is actually pretty quick and easy. It will give you an easy-to-read, graphical representation of what you have and what you can spare for that certain decorative centerpiece.

Start by drawing a rough diagram of your apartment's main room, or the room you are going to be putting the tree in. What you are really interested in is the overall floor space you have, what's available and what you need to keep free of obstructions.

The drawing doesn't have to be draughtsman quality. Just a decent sketch will do. That's because you really only need to get a good idea of what you have to work with.

Be sure to mark out all your furniture and where it is all placed. Also mark out access ways through the room, like for instance your main walkway from one door to another.

Include the measurements you took and then consider where you want to put the tree. You be able to see at a glance where it will fit, how much space you have available and how much diameter width you can allow for. Now for the physical, leafy-looking solutions:

Corner Trees

corner christmas tree

First of all, you really have to consider the available space you have in the room you intend to place the tree and where you'll put it.

If you are really pressed for space, you might want to consider a corner tree. This is literally a quarter slice of a tree that is designed to fit right into a corner with branches (and lights if it has them) only on the front!

There are several kinds that are lit or non-lit and they come in several different colors and alternate heights (see the image to the right of an example of a corner/half tree.

Update 2018: Unfortunately most major online stores (even Amazon!) are out of stock of these items, so the link has been temporarily removed until stocks are replenished.

Flatback Trees

With a little more space available, you could opt for a "half tree" that can be placed against any wall in the room. This is what is sometimes called a "flatback tree" as it only has branches to the front.

The design allows it to take up only half the space of its full size alternative which I think you can imagine is a great way to maximize your available floor space.

The benefits of this kind of option are in the size of the decorated part that can be displayed in the room. It's a lot more than a corner tree while still being a viable option for a small living space.

Slim Trees

slim christmas tree

Another alternative if you don't like the idea of a corner or half version, is to get a complete one that is just a lot slimmer in diameter than a regular artificial Christmas tree.

There are a surprising number of choices in this category with different colors, shapes and heights as well as those that are not lit and those that are.

Some of these slim Christmastrees are actually very decorative and stunning to look at, often out-performing their full size counterparts in the wow factor department when visitors see them for the first time.

They can certainly transform your apartment and give it a feel of having more space when fully decorated.

Click the image to the right to see more examples of slim trees like this!

Unusual or Unique Christmas Trees

christmas cross tree

In the last category come the more unusual kinds of shapes that often don't resemble pine trees at all. They are created as decorative shapes in seasonal colors to give that something unique to your apartment.

These probably qualify for the term "Christmas decoration" rather than a traditional looking artificial conifer as their shapes can be quite interesting and non standard.

I've seen some amazingly tastefully decorated topiary style "trees" as well as crosses, cylinders, globes and arches! The variations on this theme are literally only limited by your imagination and what you have to hand to create something really special and unusual.

Click the image to the right to see an example of a cross shaped tree like this!

Apartment Christmas Trees

Choosing a suitable tree to fit into the available space you have in your home is an art form for many people. When you get it just right, you can stand back and take great satisfaction on the festive effect you have just created while still being able to move around the place without being attacked by protruding branches.

Whatever you decide is right for your smaller apartment, condo or studio, there are plenty of options available to decorate it this Christmas, with trees in all shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs and space constraints. So make it a good one and get busy with the decorating, because you can amaze yourself and your friends with what is possible!